Over $15,000 raised to fix Pioneer Square pergola: #HowSeattleRiots

995721_1391488234.5891#HowSeattleRiots has been taken to a new level by the creation of a Go Fund Me account raising funds to repair the damage to the Pioneer Square pergola that was inflicted on Super Bowl Sunday.

My Ballard reader Libby emailed in to let us know that the account was created on Monday and that donations had already reached $10,000 within the first 24 hours. The donations have since surpassed the $15,000 goal and are now at $16,046.

Check out the message on the Go Fund Me page from organizer Amanda Gallagher Quinn:

On Sunday February 2nd, the Seattle Seahawks made history by dominating Superbowl XLVIII and the 12th Man roared in triumph. From Bothell to the U-District, Ballard to Pioneer Square, we filled Seattle streets with our dancing, cheers, and Seattle’s iconic polite style of celebration. Polite or not, there was a party foul in Pioneer Square. Seattle’s historic Iron Pergola was damaged to the tune of $25,000. Now it is time to clean up after ourselves, because this is truly #HowSeattleRiots.

Let’s give the parks department some help in replacing the things we broke, and show that the Seahawks truly have the best fans in the league.

Gallagher Quinn was totally overwhelmed by the support of the Seattle community and wrote the following thank you message to supporters on the Go Fund Me page. “Thank you all so much, I am speechless with gratitude for the response that this fund received in such a short time.”

Now that the goal has been reached Seattle Parks have asked for the page to be taken down. However, as Gallagher Quinn writes, “just because this fund is closed does not mean that you cannot show your support for Seattle, Seattle’s beautiful parks and show your 12th Man spirit.”

Once again, as there was in Ballard on Sunday, another fantastic example of #HowSeattleRiots.

Image courtesy of Go Fund Me.

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