Whitman Middle School students encounter suspicious man

According to emails from a number of My Ballard readers and a report on our sister site PhinneyWood.com, two male Whitman Middle School students say that they had a creepy encounter with a suspicious man after school on Friday afternoon.

The two students report that a man in a yellow sports car suspiciously attempted to get them to pet his dog around NW 83rd St and 13th Ave NW. They encountered the man parked in the middle of the road, with his dog on the sidewalk, as they were walking home to Phinney Ridge.

The man reportedly told the students that they could pet his dog and asked them to bring the dog over to the car. The boys did not respond and then walked way from the area.

Later in the afternoon, the students met up with another friend and reportedly saw the same man driving slow near them at NW 75th St and 11th Ave NW. The friend confirmed that he had been followed by the same man as he walked home from St. John’s Catholic School in Greenwood the day before. The boys then ran to home nearby and the car reportedly drove off quickly.

According to PhinneyWood.com, “the man is described as white, in his 20′s or 30′s, short hair, and wearing an orange and silver shirt and orange and silver hat.”

Email us at tips@myballard.com if you or your children have encountered this person.

If you see any suspicious activity report it to the SPD North Precinct at (206) 684-0850. In an emergency call 911.

6 comments on “Whitman Middle School students encounter suspicious man”

  1. They might have tried to get a license plate but forgot it or remembered it wrong. Happens all the time.

  2. check out the Phinneywood.com blog. Someone leaves the license number there. Car has been described as a bright yellow acura that is about 10 years old and there is a license plate number posted. Person has also been seen near Whittier

  3. My child was one of the five boys approached at 83rd and 13th. The car’s location in the street prevented them from seeing the license plate; And thankfully instead of getting closer to get that information – they turned away and ignored this person. The license plate number was noted by another person though: 2 door acura, Wa State license # ACD1862.

  4. These kids acted admirably and should be commended. You’re doing a great job Deb. I’ll forward this info to Adams.

  5. If the license plate info was given to the SPD, they shouldn’t have too much trouble locating the suspect.

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