Brimmer & Heeltap to host Laura Pyles’ bimonthly pop up bakery

laura-pylesAccording to a post on NOSH Pit blog, pastry chef Laura Pyles will be offering up her nationally sought after desserts at a bimonthly pop up bakery at Ballard eatery Brimmer & Heeltap (425 NW Market St).

The bakery will be called Parchment and will pop up for the first time on Sunday, April 6 from 7 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Pyles is known for her delicious deserts featured at hot spots including Revel, Joule, and Book Bindery. At her monthly pop up, “Pyles promises a variety of treats that combine her affinity for retro desserts and an obsession with Asian flavors acquired during her time at Revel and Joule,” writes Allegis Vermillion in the NOSH Pit post.

According to the post, Pyles had made reference to the pop up menu featuring items like potato chip brownies and bundt cakes in “fun grandma flavors” including butterscotch, rum almond and double chocolate toffee.

For the first month, Pyles will be both baking and selling her creations herself. If the shop then takes off, she is set to do it more often and with an employee.

According to NOSH Pit, Pyles is excited about the collaboration with Brimmed & Heeltap and is also currently consulting on the restaurants desert menu. Her delicacies are set to be on the menu this weekend including coconut and key lime tart with a tamarind caramel and a triple ginger gluten-free carrot cake with deep-fried almonds and vanilla syrup.

Parchment is yet to have a Facebook page but the My Ballard team will add one when it is live.

Photo courtesy of Seattle Eater. Photo credit Nolan Harris.

2 comments on “Brimmer & Heeltap to host Laura Pyles’ bimonthly pop up bakery”

  1. Sorry – “nationally sought after deserts” caught my eye – I think you mean “desserts” the usually-sweet treats, not “deserts” the extremely dry, sandy, areas of land.

  2. It’s misspelled twice, “known for her delicious deserts” and there’s also “Brimmed & Heeltap”
    Jeez Danielle Anthony-Goodwin, do you have any editing software on your computer?!

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