SDOT install flashing beacons at Whitman Middle School

New flashing beacons have recently been installed at Whitman Middle School reminding drivers to adhere to the 20 mph speed limit in school zones.  New flashing beacons were also installed at 10 other schools throughout the city to remind drivers to think about student safety.

Every school in Seattle is surrounded by signs clearly notifying drivers of the lower speed limit and these flashing beacons Before entering the school zone, drivers pass a sign alerting them that they should expect to see students. The “School – Speed Limit 20” sign marks the beginning of the reduced speed zone.

SDOT has now installed flashing beacons along with the school zone signage on arterial streets at more than 65 schools to draw more attention to the reduced speed limit.

Before and after studies indicate an overall reduction in speeding as a result of flashing beacons, with the largest impact on those drivers exceeding the speed limit by 10 or more miles per hour.

To check out the schedule of when flashing beacons will be operating at each school, visit SDOT’s website.

Always remember to stick to the 20 mph speed limit in school zones and help keep local children safe.

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Frankly it is about time.

The morning drivers in Seattle are some of the worst in the world. All in their own precious little world, many driving their own kids to school.
I have been almost hit countless times on 65th, crossing in front of a bus with blinking lights on. Drivers have honked at me and flipped me off, despite the fact that I am in a cross walk in front of a loading school bus.
Real cretins in this town I tell ya.