Ballard Beavers fundraise for chance to play at Safeco Field

baseball11Our very own Ballard Beavers Baseball program is fundraising for the opportunity to play a game of their own at Safeco Field. They have partnered with the Seattle Mariners for this great fundraising opportunity.

The annual fundraiser allows the Beavers to play a game at Safeco Field if they reach their goal in ticket sales to a Mariner’s game. This is the second year that the team are participating in the fundraiser after selling a total of 1500 tickets last year.

As long as the Beavers reach their goal of selling 1,000 tickets they will get the chance to play on the field of their sporting idols. “It is a pretty cool fundraiser and the kids are really excited about it,” said Beavers Baseball coach Doug Montgomery.

The team is selling seats to the Mariners vs. Oakland Athletics game on Friday, April 11th,  at 7:10 p.m. Single tickets are selling for $15 and a ticket bundle of 20 can be purchased for $240. The seats are at the 300 level with a guaranteed view of the infield.

If the Beavers are successful in their fundraising campaign they will play the defending 4A State Semi-Finalists the Kentridge Chargers at Safeco Field on Saturday, April 5th at 4 p.m.

“The annual High School Mariners Baseball Classic is not only a great fundraising idea, but an exciting and everlasting experience for any young baseball player, and we’d appreciate your support,” said Montgomery.

For more information and to purchase tickets check out the Ballard Beavers Baseball website.

Photo courtesy of Ballard Beavers Baseball Club.

5 comments on “Ballard Beavers fundraise for chance to play at Safeco Field”

  1. Is this really a ‘fundraiser’?
    Don’t get me wrong, I think it would be very cool for these boys to play on a professional field.

    But it’s really just raising funds for the Mariners, right?
    This is similar to ‘fundraisers’ I saw at a few elementary schools last year whereby if they bought X amount of tickets to a Mariners game, the school choir could sing the national anthem.

    Maybe they should call it a ‘fun-raiser’.

  2. I agree junior- “Competing in ticket sales” for a chance to play at Safeco field would be more accurate.

  3. Like most fundraisers…you are selling a product you think people will want to buy…and adding a few dollars to the price of the item which is the “fundraising” price. The Mariner’s sell us those tickets at a discount so we can mark them up to make some money for our team. It’s no different than cookie dough, wrapping paper…you name it. The Mariner’s have been wonderful supporters to local highschool baseball teams and Little Leagues so let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water.

    School funding for supports is limited and if you have a better fundraiser…we’d love to hear about it.

    I can’t tell you how thrilled those boys are to play at Safeco Field…a truly rare opportunity! Does it benefit the Mariner’s? Yes…but it provides a great opportunity for our athletes too. I think they call it “a partnership.” :o)

  4. Thanks for the clarification.

    Perhaps that information could be included in the article? (like how much money the team gets per ticket and what they hope to use it for).

    It is a good experience for them.

  5. That makes more sense- I’m glad the team is getting something out of it. Thanks Melissa!

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