Have you seen Buster in East Ballard?

A My Ballard reader emailed in to let us know that Buster the cat went missing from East Ballard on Friday, February 28. He was last seen un the area near 7th Ave NW and NW 70th St.

Buster (pictured below) is a brown striped male tabby with medium length hair, yellow eyes, a long body and long whiskers.


He is 2 and a half years old and weighs 11 pounds. Buster is neutered, very active, micro-chipped, but had no collar when he went missing.

Buster’s owners are hoping he will find his way home but if you have seen him please call (206)707-2166.

6 comments on “Have you seen Buster in East Ballard?”

  1. Please let readers know that cats rarely stray far and come home to check for food–however, they hide and avoid even their own people. Trapping is a proven way to recover lost cats. Humane traps and pet recovery guidance are available from the Seattle Animal Shelter, 15th & Armory. http://www.seattle.gov/animalshelter/ 206-684-2489.

  2. This cat looks similar to one we have seen wandering around outside our house for some time. We live on 10th NW between 80th and 83rd.

  3. I will check on 10th. Thanks for the tip. If captured take to Crown Hill Vet. -they will call me.

  4. Has Buster been found yet? Just saw a very similar cat with no collar near a friends apartment at 52nd and 3rd. It’s kind of far away from the original location, but thought I’d check anyway. My friend said she’s seen the cat often, but just started recently. The cat was super friendly. I’ve given my friend the phone number in case she sees it again..

  5. Thanks very much Trish. I will check over there for Buster. He has not made it home yet. Thanks for letting your friend know too- really appreciate the help.

  6. Buster the Cat has made it home on his own accord. Thanks very much to those that helped by making comments and giving sightings. I really appreciate having a source like My Ballard for community communications.

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