Local film producer on the lookout for early 90’s Volvos

Ballard film producer Kyle Seago is on the lookout for two early-90’s Volvo station wagons for a commercial that is set to shoot this weekend. Seago is co-founder of Seattle-based youth film festival NFFTY (the National Film Festival for Talented Youth) and each year the film festival makes a commercial for Volvo, one of the event’s biggest sponsors.

This year, they are looking for two early-90s Volvo station wagons with backwards-facing third rows of seats to feature as picture cars in our commercial. The creative for the commercial is a nostalgic look at a childhood lived through seeing the world in reverse from that third row of seats.

The cars are needed this Sunday, March 23, and the team have a small amount of compensation to offer.

“I know Ballard is rampant with these old wagons and we are looking for local owners who would be willing to let us borrow their car for our commercial shoot,” writes Seago.

If you have a car that fits the description and are interested in offering it to the team contact Kyle Sebago at (206) 372-4603.

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Kelly Johnson
Kelly Johnson

There’s a car place on 46th and 12th ish on the right as your going west on 46th from 11th street nw….they might have what you need