Throwback Thursday: Ballard grocery stores of yesteryear

Today we have a plethora of grocery stores to choose from, from Ballard Market to QFC and Safeway. However, back in the late 1800s and early 1900s Ballardites were not so lucky!

Today’s Throwback Thursday post features some grocery stores that were frequented by the locals of our forebears. Wonder if they were open 24 hours?

Check out the black and white photo below of “The People’s Store” – Peterson’s Grocery that was taken way back in 1906. The address of the store was 349 Ballard Ave, which is roughly near where Conor Byrne Pub stands today.


The below photo was taken all the way back in 1890 and features H. Jacobsen Groceries. The store was located at NW 36th Street & 65th Avenue NW.


The below photo provides an insight what the interior of Ballard grocery stores looked like. This photo was taken in 1900 and shows the interior of John Eckstrom Grocery which was located at 6556 15th Avenue NW.  You can see that the store carried canned goods, produce and brooms amongst other things.


Do you have an historical photo or a story that readers would enjoy hearing about? Email us at with Throwback Thursday in the subject line.

Photo and information courtesy of Ballard Historical Society.

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If not mistaken, last week’s featured Owl Tavern (1900 or so) is Conor Byrne. So the grocery must have been nearby to that. Thanks for the throwback pics. Definitely been enjoying them.

Marc Halpern
Marc Halpern

What are you talking about Ballarites back then were not that lucky ! I would much prefer those old time stores to todays Safeway or QFC . Thats why the sunset hill grocery is so nice its old school .A little of everything.Back when Ballard was real ! Now its phony hip town , now you can pay stupid $ for a crappy condo they tore down a sq block of homes to build !


“I would much prefer those old time stores to todays Safeway or QFC”

No doubt and I’m sure the trichinosis was much tastier.