Thunderstorm blows through Ballard, lightning hits church in Green Lake

Thunder, lightning and heavy rain blew through North Seattle this Saturday afternoon, and Seattle Fire says a bolt blew a hole in a Green Lake church.

Firefighters say lightning left a 2-by-4 foot hole above the alter in Bethany Community Church. There were no injuries.

Over in Ravenna, lightning struck a tree “sending bark flying, hearts pounding, and causing a small power outage,” reports Ravenna blog.

Forecasters say a chance of ice pellet and thundershowers will continue into Saturday evening.

8 comments on “Thunderstorm blows through Ballard, lightning hits church in Green Lake”

  1. Was there a fire? Otherwise, why did the firemen go up the hook-and-ladder– to get a better look at the hole?

    Seems like a typical waste of resources from SFD.

  2. Sheesh, Fred. Next time lightning strikes your house, don’t call the fire department…save us all some money.

    Fires don’t have to be leaping flames. They can smolder inside a roof.

  3. Sure, I will save us all lots of money by not calling.

    Most of them are probably in pioneer square beating up homeless people anyway.

  4. clearly a sign that god is angry with that church. isn’t that the sort of thing pat Robertson would say?

    it’d be nice if the church paid taxes to help with the expense of the FD.

  5. The SFD and EMTs waste a lot of time and money visiting with homeless drunks passed out on the streets of Seattle.

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