Juvenile suspects captured by SPD after threatening Metro bus driver with gun

SPD officers captured three juveniles after they threatened a Metro bus driver with a handgun in the 9900 block of Holman Road NW on Saturday. Read more from the SPD blotter below:

On April 12th at approximately 12:37 a.m. officers responded to the 9900 block of Holman Road NW for the report of multiple suspects, one of whom was armed with a handgun, threaten a Metro bus driver. The suspects reportedly got off the bus and fled southbound through the QFC parking lot.

Officers arrived and saw a group of three possible suspects south of Holman Road NW. The group of suspects fled into the residential area around NW 97th Street and 7th Avenue NW. Officers set up containment and a canine unit responded to assist in the search.

Officers located one suspect and detained her. A few minutes later a male suspect matching the description of the one who had the gun was located, but he was no longer in possession of the firearm.

Shortly thereafter the police canine found a third suspect (a male) about a block away hiding under a parked car. He gave up without incident when he saw the police dog approaching. The third suspect was armed with a knife and a handgun was lying on the ground next to him when he was taken into custody.

The two primary suspects were arrested and booked into the Youth Service Center (juvenile detention) for assault and threats to the bus driver and unlawful possession of a handgun.

This remains an active and on-going investigation.

5 comments on “Juvenile suspects captured by SPD after threatening Metro bus driver with gun”

  1. I’m hoping the poster who complains about bus driver wages will see this. You could not pay me enough to take this job.

  2. Would someone report which bus route this was on, perhaps a D Line, Rapid Ride, bus where the driver is so far forward that they would never know if the passengers in the rear were being robbed or assaulted? in the absence of any Securitas “fare police” as well?

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