84-year-old man assaulted during home invasion robbery near Carkeek Park

Two suspects remain at large after robbing and assaulting an 84-year-old man while he was asleep at his home near Carkeek Park. Read more from the SPD Blotter below:

On April 15th at approximately 11:42 p.m. officers responded to 911 calls of a home invasion robbery at a residence in the 700 block of NW 120th Street. Preliminary investigation indicates that two male suspects both wearing dark-colored ski masks forced entry into the home through a back door. The two victims, an 84-year-old man and a 51-year-old woman, were in bed sleeping.

Suspect #1 confronted the male victim (the homeowner), pointed a gun at him and demanded money. The male victim subsequently got into a physical altercation with the gun-wielding suspect. During the altercation the victim fell down and was kicked by the suspect.

The suspects stole the man’s Rolex watch and a diamond ring. They also grabbed the female victim’s purse before running out the front door of the house and fleeing the scene on foot.

Officers conducted an area search for the suspects with the assistance of a canine unit. The canine unit recovered some items about one block west of the victim’s house that are believed to have come from the victim’s purse. The suspects however, remain at large.

The only suspect descriptions that are available at this time are two black males in their 20′s both wearing dark-colored masks. Suspect #1 was last seen wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans and was armed with a black handgun. Suspect #2 was last seen wearing a dark jacket and blue jeans.

Fire department medics responded to the scene and evaluated the victim, who had no visible injuries and did not require transport.

This same man was the victim of a home-invasion robbery in February of 2013. Robbery detectives responded to the scene and continue to actively investigate.

Anyone with information about this incident or who may know the identities or whereabouts of the suspects is asked to call 911 or the Seattle Police Robbery Unit at 206-684-5535 and refer to this incident.

Anonymous tips are welcome.

This remains an active and on-going robbery investigation.

20 comments on “84-year-old man assaulted during home invasion robbery near Carkeek Park”

  1. North Seattle is changing for the worse. Time to consider getting a handgun, a shotgun and a dog.

  2. Two home invasions in on year?

    Something does not smell right. Either the homeowner is a know, easy target or cavorts with the wrong crowd.
    No way that is random

  3. It is very odd that this man was the victim of two home invasions considering how rare that crime is. Could be very bad luck — could be something else.

    For the “Seattle crime is getting worse because of this one event” crowd. Please go look at the publicly available SPD crime statistics. You will see that crime in Seattle has been in pretty much a straight line decline since 1991.

  4. “You will see that crime in Seattle has been in pretty much a straight line decline since 1991.”

    Incarceration works.

  5. maS: Other countries have crime rates where ours is or lower without our insane incarceration rate. The #1 contributer to the drop in crime here and nationwide is we have become a more stable society.

    Doesn’t really fit on a bumper sticker, does it?

  6. “we have become a more stable society.”

    More stable how? By incarcerating criminals?

  7. “Seattle crime is getting worse because of this one event” – You have a short memory. Don’t go for an evening walk in Greenwood with your cell phone exposed. Armed robberies and arson at 85th and Greenwood. Attempted kidnapping of a young woman nearby on 85th. Clerk murdered at convenience store on 15th Ave NW. Bar robbed at closing on Holman Rd NW, owner knocked unconscious. Sexual assault on Holman Rd. near Dick’s. Metro bus driver threatened with a handgun by three minors at Holman Plaza. Did you just move here?

  8. Puh-lease Josh.
    Take a sample from any urban area over a three year period and you will have some violent crime.
    Do you really walk around in fear even though this is the safest part of one of the safest cities in America?
    Only one of the incidents you mentioned was even in Ballard.
    The article above was about an incident in Broadview with an obviously rich man (why else would a woman 30 years younger date him?).
    Take your fear-mongering elsewhere.

  9. maS: No. Our tendency to throw huge segments of our population in jail has a destabilizing influence. Look up crime and incarceration statistics in other first world countries if you want to have an informed opinion on the subject.

    Josh: I’ve lived here a very long time. No one is saying that crimes don’t occur. What I’m saying is that crime is, objectively, not getting worse. As a long term trend it’s been getting better since 1991. Pointing out a few crimes (which I agree, are scary) doesn’t change or even really refute that fact.

  10. This article doesn’t say that they were in bed sleeping together. How does the poster know it was not his daughter, caretaker, or niece? How easy it is to blame the victim. I guarantee if and when they catch the culprits, their mothers will be on TV saying what “good kids they are.”

    The Northend in general and Ballard in particular used to be pretty safe. No longer.

  11. Well Jules, believe it or not there are other news outlets than ‘MyBallard’

    From the Seattle Times:
    “An elderly man who was robbed and assaulted at gunpoint while in bed Tuesday night inside his Broadview home was targeted in a similar home-invasion robbery just over a year ago.

    On Tuesday, the 84-year-old man and his 51-year-old girlfriend were asleep when two men, believed to be in their 20s and wearing dark ski masks, forced their way through the back door of the home in the 700 block of Northwest 120th Street, according to Seattle police.”

  12. “Our tendency to throw huge segments of our population in jail has a destabilizing influence.”

    Wouldn’t that cause crime rates to go up then? I thought you said they were dropping rapidly since the 1990s when incarceration rates started to go up.

    Pick a lane and stick to it.

  13. maS:

    It’s possible for both things to be true. We are stabilizing as a society for other reasons but still have some pretty big problems. One of those problems is that we put far too many people in jail.

    Did you go and research the subject of crime and incarceration? You may find it interesting that what you said is objectively false.

  14. Sam: The kinds of big complicated multi-faceted reasons that one should never attempt to engage in discussing with a troll.

  15. Everytime a negro steals yr things assaults u sells drugs that kill yr loved ones or murders someone…. you can thank a liberal obamite. Please no response from feminist, yr opinion doesn’t count.

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