Local home owners to pay King County property taxes by April 30

Ballard property owners have until Wednesday, April 30 to pay the first half of their 2014 property taxes. After April 30, interest charges and penalties will be added to the tax bill.

To make the process easier, King County provides several ways for property owners to pay their taxes quickly and conveniently.

Check out the options to pay your property taxes below:

  1. By mail if postmarked no later than April 30, 2014. Taxpayers should include their tax statement and write the property tax account number on their check or money order. Cash should not be sent through the mail.
  1. Online using King County’s convenient, secure online eTax application. Taxpayers may pay accounts with a credit card or an electronic debit from a checking account.
  1. In person at Treasury Operations (Suite 600 of the King County Administration Building, 500 4th Ave, Seattle) Hours Monday through Friday are 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. On Wednesday, April 30, Treasury Operations will be open until 5 p.m.
  1. At King County Community Service Centers if paid by check for the exact amount due. Taxpayers can find the address, phone number, and operating hours of the closest center here.

The online option provides immediate payment confirmation for current year or delinquent year(s) property tax bills. To pay online or view property tax information, click here.

For questions about missing tax statements or other tax payment information, contact King County Treasury Operations through their website  or call (206) 296-0923.

6 comments on “Local home owners to pay King County property taxes by April 30”

  1. Beware, if you pay online, the company that processes your payment, charges a fee that is a percentage of your tax… So that fee could be quite substantial.

  2. Don’t most homeowners have their property tax rolled into their mortgage?

    I’ve never seen anyone scrambling around to pay this tax

  3. Yes, Mousey, if you have a mortgage, the property tax is collected by your mortgage company and paid twice a year to the county.

    Correction to the first sentence of the piece: April 30th is two weeks away.

  4. I would guess people who own their homes outright need to know this info.

  5. Mousey and Sue, FWIW, I pay my taxes separately from my mortgage. I’ve always done that. If the bank or lender does it for you, they will be charging you for the service. I do the same for homeowners insurance.

  6. No point in allowing the bank to have control over fees for taxes & ins until it is due.
    Not to mention, if they mess up, as has happened when mortgages are sold to other lenders, and taxes are not paid on time, the homeowner is liable.

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