Porkchop & Co. to open tomorrow on Leary Way

The time has come for Porkchop & Co. to officially open its doors tomorrow (Thursday, April 24) at 8 a.m. in the former Belle Clementine space at 5451 Leary Ave NW. Check out the interior below:


Porkchop & Co. is the creation of  “former LA chef-turned-Seattleite” Paul Osher that is set to offer well made meals in a casual dining setting.

According to the Porkchop & Co. website breakfast and lunch will center around a small menu of sandwiches and salads made from scratch.

Osher posted the menu online which includes delicacies such as porchetta hash, croque madames, smoked trout salad (pictured above) and apple melts just to name a few.

The new eatery is set to be open from Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Extended hours will be coming soon!

4 comments on “Porkchop & Co. to open tomorrow on Leary Way”

  1. I hope they have vegan options for the members of the compassion community.

  2. Megan – They do, there’s a topiary out front!
    Seriously though, why would vegans expect at a place named Porkchop&Co? I don’t expect meat to be served at Plum.

  3. I hope that they have lots of meat. I will have meat with a side of meat and meat for dessert. I am a member of the compassion community preventing the horrible and painful deaths by old age of farm animals every day. Lighten up Ms. M and make personal choices for yourself, not guilt or manipulation.

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