Vandals graffiti multiple cars in Ballard

140511_ballard_tagging_6According to a report by KOMO News, SPD officers are currently looking for suspects involved in the vandalism of at least six vehicles in Ballard over the weekend.

KOMO report that local residents discovered the cars tagged with spray-paint graffiti on Sunday morning and believe that the vandalism occurred before 11 p.m. on Saturday night.

Ballard resident Dennis Ryan was helped by neighbors to remove the spray-paint from his white van. “It’s disturbing. I don’t understand why someone would target our neighborhood,” Ryan told KOMO News.

According to the report, only white vehicles were targeted by vandals and a garage door was also tagged.

Did your vehicle get vandalized during the incident? Send your photos and information to

Photo courtesy of KOMO News.

11 comments on “Vandals graffiti multiple cars in Ballard”

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  2. Where did this occur? It appears to be a restaurant or other commercial establishment.

    Sorry about that guy’s van, but if I were a vandal, I would certainly tag that big white canvas instead of the cool mustang parked in front.

  3. My CR-V was stolen from right in front of my house I have lived in for over 7 years in Loyal Heights on 4/28 Sunday night and a week later on the same street someone vandalized 3 cars by breaking the windows. Something is definitely going on and it is disheartening.

  4. This happened to my car parked near the zoo. Back in 1989-90. So not such a new thing. Sigh.

  5. This is lame even by (admittedly lame) tagging standards. No one tags private cars. We can’t even do vandalism right in this neighborhood.

  6. ok, great – a copied article from KOMO…

    how about some actual info, like, oh, I don’t know….the location(s)?

  7. This happened a couple blocks north of 85th and 11th, all the way down past 80th. Between the rampant break in’s west of 15th and this, the SPD needs to get their butts together instead of charging on their fevered-over-ticketing mission everywhere else around the city.

  8. Two girls walks around NW 60th Street and 17th Ave NW tagging stuff… anything. My daughter saw them and went out and said “Please don’t” so they walked off. I have seen them numerous times at night. I want to call the police but the girls would be long gone in the two hours that it takes for the police to respond. So what is a person suppose to do?

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