Trolling the neighborhood: Can you guess where the troll has been?


By Joe Veyera

As many of you already know, the team at My Ballard has taken in a special new friend. After deciding to make Ballard his new home, the little troll that you may have seen at the Syttende Mai parade was nameless, but thanks to you, our newest resident is no longer a John Doe … or John Troll, for that matter.

Every week, Thorvald will be taking in the various sights of Ballard, but it will be up to you to figure out just where he’s been. While Thorvald spent most of his Memorial Day weekend relaxing, he also spent some time out getting to know his new neighborhood.

Can you tell where Thorvald was this weekend? Give us your guesses in the comments! We’ll reveal the answer at the end of the day on our Facebook page.


2 comments on “Trolling the neighborhood: Can you guess where the troll has been?”

  1. ugh.

    I STILL can’t join the “new” forum, yet the site owners are way into this awesome troll idea? great.

    the forum needs new members, and it is ridiculous that I can’t re-join after years on the old forum.

    oh well, I guess its “all Gracie all the time” for the forums then….

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