Open house on open space in Ballard on Thursday


By Joe Veyera

The future of open space in Ballard will be the topic of discussion Thursday night at the Ballard Library.

Groundswell Northwest will host an open house starting at 6 p.m., giving residents the chance to share their thoughts on open space in the neighborhood, along with opportunities they see for new parks, park improvements, and other place making ideas in Ballard. The open house will also feature discussion about Groundswell NW’s new Open Space Plan, and how residents can get involved in updating the all-volunteer, non-profit organization’s 1996 Open Space Inventory and Action Plan.

Since that plan was conducted, several opportunities identified have become or will become public space, including the Salmon Bay Natural Area and Ballard Corners Park. Now, the group is hoping to build off the successes of that plan.

Building on the foundation of the 1996 Ballard Open Space Inventory, the 2014 inventory will assess progress to date, review the viability of previously identified opportunities, identify new opportunities, and recommend a course of action for addressing the open space needs of the community. We also anticipate an “early success” project to develop out of this project, such as a mural, kiosk, habitat restoration enhancement, greenway, or small park improvement project, which will involve community members in the creation, design, and execution.

For more information on the open house, click here.

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