One arrested after argument ends in stabbing

By Joe Veyera

A 27-year old man was arrested on Tuesday night after allegedly stabbing a man in the arm. Seattle Police Department officers were called to Northwest 85th Street and Mary Avenue Northwest just after 11 p.m. after receiving the report of a knife attack. With the victim’s help, officers were able to locate the suspect and arrest him.

Read more on the incident from SPD Blotter:

Officers learned that the suspect had just left a nearby tavern when he encountered the 39 year-old victim. An argument ensued. It culminated when the suspect produced a knife and stabbed the victim. Undeterred by his injury, the victim called 911 and followed the suspect as he ran away.

The suspect was still in possession of a bloody knife. Officers relieved him of the weapon and placed it into evidence. Seattle Fire Medics transported the victim to a nearby hospital with serious but non-life threatening injures, whilst the suspect was taken to jail.

4 comments on “One arrested after argument ends in stabbing”

  1. Cooooool so this was right by my residence. Comforting. At least it was after an argument and not a random stabbing I guess?

  2. Same Sara. Does anyone want to make a crime deterrent such as neighborhood watch OR fund a community funded surveillance drone for our community/neighborhood?

    I’m fine with both.

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