Restroom renovations at the Ballard Library

By Joe Veyera

The restrooms at the Ballard Library (5614 22nd Ave NW) will undergo renovations over the next few weeks, but the refurbishment work is not expected to interfere with patron access to the facilities.

The work, which will take place between June 16 and July 3, will include adding wall-mounted fluorescent light fixtures, sand blasting the floor slab, and installing new sinks and new restroom countertops.

Work will be scheduled during closed hours, and the library does not expect that patron access will be affected during the improvement work.

For more information on the renovations, click here.

2 comments on “Restroom renovations at the Ballard Library”

  1. Might as well just install showers while they’re at it.
    Also, I recommend removing the ‘holds’ area and installing laundry facilities in this space.
    If this building is going to be an ‘institution’, I say pack it in.
    I’m Melvil Dewey and I approve this urban rest stop.

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