Corinna Calhoun crowned Ballard Fitness Fest winner

By Joe Veyera

Corinna Calhoun took home the top spot at the fifth annual Ballard Fitness Fest, hosted by EDGE Personal Training Studio (2821 NW Market St).

Calhoun earned the title for the three month competition after losing 5 percent of her body fat — 31 percent of her available body fat to lose. Calhoun lost the highest percentage of body fat among participants, and improved in all categories (weight lost, body fat loss, inches lost, all lean mass kept or gained) to sweep the fitness categories. Calhoun is the second female winner of the competition, after Danie Skredsvig won last year’s Fitness Fest.

“I thought I would have lost a bit more in terms of inches, but overall I am satisfied and motivated to keep working out,” Calhoun said in a Q&A sent to My Ballard. “I know that if I’m a bit more disciplined diet wise and add in some more cardio I can get some more inches off.”

For her efforts, Calhoun won a $250 gift certificate to the Ballard business of her choice, and went with Barnacle (4743 Ballard Ave NW) for her prize.

“Competition is a great motivator,” Calhoun said. “I also think it’s great to engage the Ballard community in competition and have the prizes support local businesses.”

Calhoun said winning was such a motivator that she and her husband have signed up for an off-road duathalon in September.

“I’m psyched to start training for that and getting fitter,” Calhoun said.

Alongside Calhoun, Darrell McManus was first runner-up after losing nearly 40 pounds and 5.5 percent of his body fat, and Lisa Giangreco was second runner-up, losing 14 pounds of body fat and nearly 6 percent of her body fat (28 percent of her available body fat to lose). Andrea Silverman was third runner-up after losing 15 pounds of body fat, just under 5 percent of her total body fat. Skredsvig and James McManus, who lost almost 12 pounds, were both honorable mentions.

Calhoun said she plans to compete again next year, and try to retain the title. As for advice she would give to next year’s participants, she said not to give up after a cheat day or week.

“With a 3 month contest there’s enough time to recover,” Calhoun said. “I kept my longer term goals of being healthier in mind so I wouldn’t beat myself up about a missed workout or pizza splurge.

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