Development Update June 19: A front porch addition, a subdivision, and a sidewalk cafe

By Joe Veyera

It was another relatively slow week of applications for development in Ballard submitted to the Department of Planning and Development (DPD), with one application and a pair of decisions posted this week.

Check out the most recent applications from the DPD as posted in the Land Use Information Bulletin.


2847 NW 65th St



A Land Use Application has been submitted to allow a 92 sq.ft. front porch addition to an existing single family residence. An approval of a variance is required to allow a portion of the principle structure to extend into the required front yard.


2218 NW 63rd St

An appealable decision has been made to subdivide this site into two unit lots. This subdivision of property is only for the purpose of allowing sale or lease of the unit lots. Development standards will be applied to the original parcel and not to each of the new unit lots. Appeals of the decision must be made to the Hearing Examiner by July 3.

2060 NW Market St

An application for a Sidewalk Cafe permit accessory to Ballard Coffee Works at 2060 NW Market St has been received by the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT). This application was approved with modifications — Approved dimensions 6.5 ft. by 48 ft. minus 10 sq. ft. at angled west end (302 sq. ft.)

Appeals and comments on proposed land use actions must be submitted in writing to the Public Resource Center by email to, by fax to (206) 233-7901, or by mail to the address below:

Department of Planning and Development
ATTN: Public Resource Center or Assigned Planner
700 Fifth Ave, Ste 2000
P.O. Box 34019
Seattle, WA 98124-4019

4 comments on “Development Update June 19: A front porch addition, a subdivision, and a sidewalk cafe”

  1. A front porch??!! I am outraged.

    Ballard development needs to be more responsible. If we allow these sorts of projects, the character and charm of our little hamlet will be ruined forever.

  2. The 2218 NW 63rd subdivision approval is pretty hilarious, since they’re already pouring the new foundations there.

  3. The front porch thing is laughable. If this property were located about half a block to the east (east of 28th, south side of 65th), it would be perfectly legal to demolish the entire home and replace it with four giant structures 7 feet from the front property line, with no public notification at all, aside from the notice of subdivision, which usually happens shortly before the project is complete, and is completely meaningless. The notice of subdivision above at 2218 NW 63rd is actually unusually early — at the foundation stage.

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