Sixth annual Ballard Edible Garden Tour next Saturday


By Joe Veyera

Over the past five years, hundreds of gardeners have been inspired every June by the various edible gardens that Ballard has to offer, through a unique biking/walking tour.

Sustainable Ballard is inviting community members to join them next Saturday for the sixth annual Edible Garden Tour, which highlights neighborhood gardens, and the creative use of planting strips, containers, and raised beds, along with fruit trees to berries to vegetables and more. The tour also features residents that keep goats, chickens, and even bee houses in their yards.

Each year, the tour visits a different quadrant of Ballard, with Northwest Ballard being featured in this year’s tour for the first time since 2009. The tour starts at 10 a.m. at the Ballard P-Patch/Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church parking lot at Northwest 85th Street and 25th Avenue Northwest. Attendees can buy their ticket and tour map at the starting point on the day of the tour. 

Tickets for the event are $10 (children are free), with all proceeds going to support Sustainable Ballard projects.

Volunteers are still needed for the day before, and the day of the event. Those interested should contact project lead Paula at, or by phone at 206-789-4648.

For more information on the event, click here.

One comment on “Sixth annual Ballard Edible Garden Tour next Saturday”

  1. Dear People,

    I was a Trucker around Seattle quite much back in the late 1980s. Nowadays, as a Military Veteran survivor of the 9-1-1 Invasion around New York City, and ex-Democrat in Northern Indiana, I’m doing some Humanitarian co-worker activities. This here is my letter about Indiana:

    Dear Humanitarians,

    What are the real estate possibilities of converting vacant lots within the limits of the city (Indianapolis) into vegetable gardens? It most likely would be a 501-c non-profit business that would coordinate their production yield signs toward charitable efforts wherein profits from real sales would be used to pay off staff members of the 501-c designation. Necessity probably would enclose the gardens with construction privacy screens that are something like paper towels with such Contractors. If you wanted more privacy, I guess you could spray paint the screen after it has been put up on some posts. I suppose that you could wear bikinis or nothing at all with such a set-up; it would be somewhat of a return to the Garden of Eden.
    Being an Empire School-Boy that is ‘legit’, Military Veteran, and therefore needing to get out from up under CHALLENGE, I would need to say the Modern Woman is the Boss of Gardens. What happened at Madison Square and The Boston Gardens? I suppose it would be supportive of an attitude of women’s Empowerment.

    I grew up in Fort Wayne, Sister City of Gera, Germany and Osaka, Japan. It was an industry city of the 20th Century that, as I recall, there were Striptease Nightclubs across the street from the Allen County Courthouse on Main Street Downtown. There were a few clubs, actually. The old sandstone (1878) Police building was on that intersection. The National Guard Base was behind the old rotunda government center. There were several large manufacturing plants in a city that at the turn-of-the-century 1900, was projected to develop into being the largest city in the state. So, being just 17 years old, driving to work in department store sales every day, my mind seems to have been affected disagreeably.

    Modern population seem to be Righteous Young People, energetic Teen-agers, and 20-somethings in the calendar years of the 2000s. Righteous People know what is different, what is right, and what is wrong–and they want to do the right thing; they know the who, what, why, how and where about the laws of society, that are laws to protect the rights of women, 24/7, at all times in all places–especially domestic places. They are people who go to Churches of God-fearing Religions, and they were born into pocket-phone population. Righteous People run away from trouble sometimes, and they lie sometimes. Lying for self-protection and survival is just natural and normal, also. They have respect for knowledge, knowing how to have a good time, and they look a Newspapers quite often. They’re not the Homesteaders from the Vaudeville days. (Homestead are relative-family people, out in the country, where their Mother have told them something stupid, because it is just a Cousin or an older Sister, anyway, you were probably considered as a threat to the Queen of your Domestic Homestead…). Humanitarian Altruism seems to be the new wave of the Future Generations. I suppose I might be the Homestead Counselor & Case Manager; I’m a School-boy, I want to be important. Most Regular People believe the Police is a Job about the laws of society. Therefore, they are likely to ignore the Patrol Cars and say, “…that doesn’t ever bother me…” It is difficult for an unusual man to perceive the customs of the common people.

    I, myself was the one who watered the small backyard garden in a 1/2-way house where I lived for a while quite some time ago. It was owned by some Relatives. I was amazed at the amount of vegetables that I yielded with just daily watering, weeding by hand, and a few cans of aerosol insecticides.

    The 501-c gardens would be an excellent way of confronting hunger problems that is currently ethnic issues of many non-profits groups. There will be over 100 such gardens in and around Indianapolis. It will provide back-pressure support leadership for Fashionable Farmers who are more concerned with driving their autos to a Sports Event for leisure-time pursuits than being concerned about the quality of produce products. The 501-c Vegetable Gardens in the city could provide somewhat of a blueprint for sub-dividing farmlands in our agriculture territories. It wants to glorify the Modern Woman, because us people want a woman; and, that is why the woman wants a daughter. If the woman is worshipped-not abused, the baby is more likely to be a girl. Re-enactment of turn-of-the-century 1900 land-Homesteads should result in another Roaring Twenties for the year 2020 considering the Population expeditions. The Consumers of food products will be the Producers of the very same food products that they consume. I’m going out into the Country to grow some food. So, what are the possibilities?

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