Seattle Fire Department cautions against fireworks use this Fourth of July


By Joe Veyera

The Seattle Fire Department (SFD) is reminding local residents that setting off fireworks in a display of patriotism this Fourth of July next Friday is strongly discouraged and illegal within the Seattle city limits.

The use of fireworks, along with the possession, manufacture, storage, sale or handling thereof is prohibited. According to the Seattle Police Department (SPD), fireworks offenses are gross misdemeanors punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. However, the SFD & SPD asks residents to not call 911 for non-emergency reports of fireworks.

According to the SFD, around 35 percent of those hospitalized for fireworks injuries in 2012 were under the age of 15. As noted by the National Fire Protection Association, even small pyrotechnics like sparklers, fountains and novelties accounted for one-quarter of the emergency room fireworks injuries that year.

The SFD recommends taking in one of the many public fireworks displays to celebrate the holiday. The closest option for those in Ballard is the Seafair Summer Fourth celebration at Gasworks Park (2101 N Northlake Way). Gates open at noon for that event, with a full-day of activities capped off by a 10 p.m. fireworks show. To view a full list of professional fireworks shows in Washington state by county, click here.

Photo courtesy of the Seattle Fire Department

4 comments on “Seattle Fire Department cautions against fireworks use this Fourth of July”

  1. This never does any good. In the 40+ years I’ve been living in Seattle the use of fireworks has never declined. I’ve never seen any one visited by a law enforcement officer. It would be impossible to prevent fireworks, in any case. You just have to be vigilant about things landing on your roof or lawn or any other potential flash point, since fire is one of the greatest threats to property. Last year was the worst in terms of noise in my part of Ballard. Some locals had really large firecrackers they were setting off all evening/night long. We eventually had to retreat inside because of the noise.

  2. Last 4th of July I called the non-emergency police to report very loud bomb like fireworks in our neighborhood. These were big enough to rattle windows. The person at the police end of the call told me to “Call back AFTER the 4th of July.”

  3. Haha, Maggie! Vancouver trip 7/2 (Post Canada Day) returning 7/5 (post Independence Day) might calm your nerves and alleviate the police irritation with wet blankets.

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