Parking rate changes coming to Ballard this fall

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By Joe Veyera

Earlier this month, the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) announced its planned rate adjustments for the fall, based on the 2013 Annual Paid Parking Study, with all three areas of paid parking in Ballard set to change later this year.

In the Ballard Core, which consists of Northwest Market Street between 20th and 24th Avenues Northwest, and 22nd Avenue Northwest between Ballard Avenue Northwest and Northwest 56th Street, parking is currently $2 per hour between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. While the rate will not change, paid parking hours will be extended to 8 p.m.

In the Ballard Periphery (all non-Core paid parking blockfaces in Ballard), where parking is currently $1.50 per hour, the rate will be lowered to $1 per hour, and will also see paid parking hours extended to 8 p.m.

According to SDOT, paid parking hours are being extended in these areas, along with Fremont, Green Lake, and 12th Avenue near Seattle University, because these areas experience overly full parking, and require the evening period to managed with payment, similar to other areas with nightlife activity.

In the Ballard Locks parking area, which covers the parking lots south of Northwest 54th Street adjacent to the Locks, where parking is currently $1.50 per hour, rates will be adjusted by season. Between May and September, parking will be raised to $2 per hour, with the rate dropping to $1 per hour between October and April.

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The changes currently set to be made are dependent on staff review of the 2014 Annual Paid Parking Study. The new data set will be reviewed in July to see whether any of the current adjustments will need further revision.

For more information on the parking rate changes, and to see how rates will fluctuate across the city, click here.

6 comments on “Parking rate changes coming to Ballard this fall”

  1. Any news regarding residential zones around? Regrettably I’ve been unable to attend recent meetings that may or may not have addressed this issue…

  2. jjg – I don’t think any residential zones are planned. If you’re concerned about lack of residential parking, complain to the Mayor’s office and the City Council.
    They are the ones who implemented new regulations allowing builders to build buildings with less than one new parking space per new unit (often as low as zero new parking spaces!). This forces the new occupants to park their cars on the street, adding to the street parking congestion.

  3. Yeah, Mondoman is correct.

    In addition, residential parking zones will do little to alleviate the parking situation since many (most) of the cars on the street are owned by nearby homeowners who don’t have enough spots on their property.
    It’s not like there’s that many people who come to Ballard from other parts of town (en masse).

  4. Bob, maybe we can misdirect the Seafair Pirates landing next year to the public boat ramp by the Ballard Bridge. That would be a fun crowd!

  5. Bob is delusional. Most of the employees along Market park in the residential areas.

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