Subaru Crosstrek stolen from driveway on 25th Ave NW

our suburu

By Joe Veyera

My Ballard reader Mark emailed in to report his family’s Subaru Crosstrek (pictured at right) had been stolen from their driveway early Thursday morning.

At approximately 3 a.m. Thursday, Mark said his wife saw flashlight beams waving around the alley between their house and their neighbors on 25th Avenue Northwest. She then ran upstairs to get a better vantage point to see what was going on and realized their car was gone.

“We would love to have it back quickly as we have out of town guests coming this weekend that were relying on being able to borrow a car,” Mark wrote in an email to My Ballard.

If you have any information on the whereabouts of the vehicle, you are asked to contact Mark at 

7 comments on “Subaru Crosstrek stolen from driveway on 25th Ave NW”

  1. Our almost identical crosstrek had its back window smashed the night before on 8th Ave nw.

  2. I hope you both have/will report the crimes to the police. The only way we will ever get a police substation closer to here than Northgate is to show that the vastly increased population and the increased crime warrants it.

  3. We called the police immediately and they arrived about 5 minutes later. Unfortunately, that was a pretty good head start to whomever took the car.

    Amy – sorry to hear about your Suburu. If someone doesn’t like Suburu’s, Ballard is the wrong place to hang around.

  4. Why no cross street listed in article? It was stolen from 25th and what? Thanks

  5. I haven’t looked at that map in awhile but there is sure a lot of auto thefts.

    Hope you and all the others find there vehicles.

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