Name of Ballard resident released in Ravenna murder-suicide

By Joe Veyera

Our news partners at The Seattle Times have reported the names of an elderly woman who was shot and killed by her son (a Ballard resident), who then took his own life at a retirement community in Ravenna earlier this month.

According to The Times, citing the King County Medical Examiner:

Annie McClure, 83, died from a gunshot wound to the head and her death was ruled a homicide. Her son, William T. McClure, 57, also died from a gunshot wound to the head and his death was ruled a suicide, according to death investigators.

In a Seattle Police Department blotter post on July 18,

Police received a report from the man’s family around 2 PM that the man had left his Ballard home after indicating he was contemplating suicide. A short time later, police received a second call from the family indicating the man may have headed for his elderly mother’s assisted living facility in the Ravenna neighborhood, with plans to harm her.

As officers headed to the Ida Culver House in Ravenna, nursing home staff went to check on the elderly resident, and found the two deceased.

For full details on the incident, visit Ravenna Blog’s stream of updates on the incident here.

4 comments on “Name of Ballard resident released in Ravenna murder-suicide”

  1. Look at the headline. Then don’t read the story. Some people are interested.

  2. Not report a murder in the news? Your obvious emotional involvement in this does not make everyone else a monster. You seriously need some counseling if news reporting upsets you like this.

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