Old Pequliar hosts trivia night fundraiser on Tuesday


By Joe Veyera

Trivia nights at The Old Pequliar (1722 NW Market St) are hardly a new development. But this Tuesday night, participants can get in on the fun while knowing they’re giving to a worthy cause.

All participants are asked to make a $5 donation, with the proceeds going to the Friends of the Children, an organization that connects children from distressed neighborhoods with paid, full-time professional mentors. The proceeds will also help the program cover other expenses, including school supplies, healthy snacks, educational outings, and family functions such as the group’s holiday party and back-to-school social. Friends of the Children was founded in Portland in 1993, with the King County chapter opening in 2000.

“If your team is the wisest, you could win a small prize,” reads a post on the event’s Facebook page. “If not, you’ll nevertheless be satisfied knowing that the money you donated will directly ensure Friends of the Children’s long-term commitment to the youth in our mentorship program.”

For more information on the event, which will be hosted by a Geeks Who Drink quizmaster, click here.

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