Oil spill sweeps into Ballard Mill Marina


According to King 5 News, an estimated oil spill of 55 gallons swept into the Ballard Mill Marina early on Monday morning. The spill was reportedly discovered by several marina residents who awoke to a “sickening smell” of the oil mixture.

The source of the spill is currently unknown, however, Coast Guard investigators are pointing to possibility of the spill coming from another vessel’s bilge water. Investigators believe that the spill occurred in the Lake Washington Ship Canal and was pushed by winds and current into the Ballard Mill Marina.

According to the report, cleanup crews from the Washington Department of Ecology (pictured above) pushed the reddish oil sheen into the corners of the marina where it was removed by absorbent pads. Crews working on the cleanup began on Monday morning and continued yesterday.

The Department of Ecology believe that serious environmental damage from the spill is unlikely.

Photo courtesy of WA Department of Ecology.

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