Throwback Thursday: Ballard’s fishing roots

In celebration of all things fishy about Ballard, we decided to take a look back at the Ship Canal and fishing history of our fair ‘hood.


The above photo, taken in 1910 is of Opening Day at the Fishermen’s Terminal. The photo shows a crowd of people lined up under umbrellas on dock, and in front of them, there’s a long line of fishing boats, many decorated with flags. In foreground, cars parked directly on the dock.


This photo, from 1890, is of “Knut the Emigrant,” standing on a dock near some fishing nets, holding two fish.


The above photo of Fisherman’s Terminal was taken in 1915, and was taken looking north from Emerson St. The stacks of Ballard’s many mills can be seen in the backyard.

All photos courtesy Ballard Historical Society

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