Dog disappears at Carkeek, owner suspects coyotes to blame

One of our readers tells us she believes her dog was killed by coyotes at Carkeek Park. According to Sarah, her 14 lb. mix-breed dog was walking off-leash with a dog-walker in Carkeek. She says her dog and a miniature dachshund ventured off the trail on the south ridge and quickly disappeared.

“The dog walker searched the area and called for them,” Sarah writes. “The bush is very thick in that area and a human can only travel about 100 yards in. The dogs both have good recall so we suppose that the dogs were grabbed by coyotes.” She added that it happened in the middle of the day, and says she’s shocked it could happen so close to the trail.

We’ve had occasional reports of coyote sightings in the area, and small dogs and cats are often prey for coyotes. If you spot a coyote in the area, report the sighting to the USDA Wildlife Services at 360-337-2778.

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