Burglary at Jibe Espresso

Jibe Espresso was victim of a burglary after hours last night at 2 a.m.

The thief was caught on film taking equipment and food from the cafe. He has been described as a tanned, white gentleman in biking gear with a white road bicycle.

The cafe will be posting videos of the crime captured by their security systems in hopes to identify the burglar. Contact Jibe here with tips.

Photo captured by Jibe Espresso security
Photo captured by Jibe Espresso security

We love Ballard dogs: Keep them happy in the heat

As more and more of man’s best friend seem to be coming out of hibernation and onto Market Street, we should remember that the July heat may affect our pets as much as us.

As a good reminder, the pads of dogs’ feet are not any thicker than humans, so if the ground feels hot to our own bare feet then it’s just as hot to our dog’s. Assuming you are not walking barefoot on the public sidewalks, use this test to see if its safe for the four-legged friend:

  • Press your own bare hands on the pavement for at least 8 seconds to assess heat level, since the air temperature is NOT an accurate reflection of ground temperature.

Be mindful of hot surfaces other than asphalt, too, like metal (i.e. Ballard boat docks) and walk your pup on the cool side of the street or in the grass.

This pooch graced Bergen Park Place and social media (Instagram here) https://instagram.com/p/426kWlRyOQ/ Photo by Harlow Doodle.
This pooch graced Bergen Park Place and social media (Instagram here) Photo by Harlow Doodle.

Seattle water supply less than “good”

After the hottest June in recorded history, Seattle has taken to higher-than-usual water consumption, while we see record-low stream flows into storage reservoirs and the onset of El Niño conditions. Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) has currently changed its water supply outlook from “good” to “fair,” and is now taking steps to bolster the city’s water supply.

As for now, no specific restrictions are being set on the resource. SPU has declared operational changes to maximize its water supply, and customers are asked to continue to use water wisely.

“We are taking prudent steps to manage our water supply during these unusual conditions,” Mayor Edward Murray said.

“We still have adequate supply until fall rains return, thanks to careful planning,” SPU Director Ray Hoffman Murray said. “We know city residents will continue to be thoughtful about their water use. Additionally, SPU provides water-saving tips online at the Saving Water Partnership website.

Seattle isn’t in any danger of suddenly losing its rainy reputation, but Seattle isn’t the only place in Washington; the majority of the state has a much drier climate. Two month back, Governor Jay Inslee declared a drought emergency in Washington State.

Tour urban farms in your neighbors’ backyards

This Saturday, July 11, Seattle Tilth’s Chicken Coop & Urban Farm Tour takes Seattleites to the city’s top urban farms. There are three home sites in Ballard– featuring chickens, mason and honey bees, and edible gardens.

On the self-guided tour, participants can glean great ideas from creative neighbors who are incorporating animals and gardens into their home landscapes.

The full tour demonstrates what accommodations are needed for keeping miniature goats, ducks, bees, and rabbits. Besides Ballard, there are sites all around Seattle, including NE, West Seattle, SE, and Central districts.

The urban adventure costs $12; $5 for kids. Discounts available for groups, bicyclists and Seattle Tilth members. Available online or in Ballard at Walt’s Organic Fertilizer (1528 NW Leary Way).


For more info go to: http://www.seattletilth.org/special_events/chickencoopurbanfarmtour

Drink good beer for good causes this weekend

This weekend, drink good beer, and feel good about doing it! Two nonprofits host pub crawls in Ballard:


Young Nonprofit Leaders Organization (YNLO) is hosting a charity pub crawl called Pub Crawl for a Cause. All proceeds will benefit YNLO, which is a Seattle nonprofit organization that aims to create community capacity and synergy among nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and their organizations.

The pub crawl will be held on Saturday, July 18th starting at 4 p.m. at the Bergschrund in Ballard. Everyone will make their way through each bar together with activities and drink specials at each location. The pub crawl will end around 8 p.m. at Kings Hardware.

Tickets are available online here for $20 or at the door for $25.


Beers_Against_Slavery_2015 Citizen-led nonprofit Seattle Against Slavery (SAS) encourages you to have a few brews with them this Sunday to raise money for the fight against human trafficking in our city.

SAS’s mission is to combat slavery one city at a time, their goals being to mobilize the public to better advocate for victims, enhance survivor care, promote legislation to combat human trafficking, and help service providers build capacity.

The coalition hosts an event called Beers Against Slavery which entails of craft beer tasting in various Ballard bars this Sunday, July 19th from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Tastings occur at Hilliard’s Beer and the Bergschrunds, featuring beer by  Northwest Peaks Brewery and Peddler Brewing Company.

Additionally, snacks are provided and there will be raffle prizes. Families are welcome (beer drinkers must be of age). Tickets are available online here for $25 or $20 for three people or more.


Sudden rent increases elicits tenant indignation; Tenant Union policy to be revised

Sudden rent increase in Ballard may foreshadow a revise to tenant rights. Landlords may soon need to give a more advanced warning when raising their prices.

Resident Bobby Yuen shares that his landlord told him the Ballard rent market is “white hot,” then hiked up his rent by $650.

“[The rent rise] is happening everywhere,” says another resident David Stoesz Resident. “Even in… old buildings.”

Blog Seattlish gave Yuen advice on Twitter: “Check landlord/tenant law to see if it’s legal. [Landlords] can’t raise more than +10% without 60 days notice.” Stoesz adds however that “60 days notice is not much protection.”


Residents Association meets at Swedish on Thursday

Central Ballard Residents Association meets at 7 p.m. this Thursdsy evening at Ballard Swedish Hospital in Conference Room A (1st floor). Guest speakers Lt. George Bray and Supervisor Robert Montague of Seattle Police Dept. are invited to talk about the City’s 911 system.

A short business meeting will follow, including discussion about election of CBRA officers in the Fall.

All are encouraged to attend and participate. CBRA has not scheduled a meeting for August, but will meet again September 3rd.

For more info visit www.centralballard.org.

Last call for public input on 2016 Sound Transit proposals

As part of the planning process to determine how and where our regional mass transit system should expand, Sound Transit identified a draft priority projects list, and is asking the public to weigh in on which Sound Transit 3 projects should be studied for the regional transit ballot measure.

Input must be provided by July 8, today being the final chance!

Among the projects on the ballot, Ballardites should review the Central Corridor proposals which include:

  • C-01a Downtown Seattle to Ballard (Market Street vicinity), primarily at-grade along Elliott and 15th Avenue Light Rail

This project would build light rail from downtown Seattle to Ballard’s Market Street area via the Uptown neighborhood. It would include a movable bridge over the Ship Canal and at-grade light rail in exclusive lanes on 15th Avenue NW and Elliott Avenue W, with signal priority so trains would generally stop only at stations.

  • C-01b Downtown Seattle to Ballard (Market Street vicinity), primarily elevated along Elliott and 15th Avenue with tunnel options Light Rail

This project would build light rail from downtown Seattle to Ballard’s Market Street area. It would include primarily elevated light rail on 15th Avenue NW and Elliott Avenue W and a movable bridge over the Ship Canal. It could include tunnel options through the Uptown neighborhood into downtown Seattle.

  • C-01c Downtown Seattle to Ballard (Market Street vicinity), primarily elevated/tunnel options Light Rail

This project would provide light rail from downtown Seattle to Ballard’s Market Street area. It would include primarily elevated light rail along the west side of the Interbay corridor and would cross the Ship Canal with either a movable bridge or tunnel.

  • C-01d Downtown Seattle to Ballard (Market Street vicinity), primarily at-grade along Westlake Avenue Light Rail

This project would build light rail from downtown Seattle to Ballard’s Market Street area via Westlake Avenue and serve South Lake Union and Fremont. It would be built at-grade in exclusive lanes with signal priority. It could use a movable bridge or tunnel to cross the Ship Canal.

  • C-02 Ballard to University District Light Rail

This project would build light rail in a tunnel from Ballard’s Market Street area to the vicinity of the U District light rail station now under construction. Riders wishing to continue north or south on Link would transfer at that station.

Screenshot 2015-07-06 21.49.24

After incorporating public feedback, projects on the final list will be studied for possible inclusion in an ST3 ballot measure that could go to voters as early as November 2016. Starting in fall 2015, further analysis will help narrow the options that could be included in a ballot measure.

There are many ways to join the conversation:
Take the online survey
View the new ST3 website with the draft priority list and map
Email us at: soundtransit3@soundtransit.org
Mail comments to: Sound Transit | 401 S. Jackson St | Seattle, WA 98104
Join the social media conversation – use #ST3