Ballard residents challenge subdivision proposal

A group of residents are challenging a subdivision proposal in the heart of Ballard, and they’re looking for supporters.

“Your neighbors on and near NW 60th Street are trying to find a way to challenge the kind of lot subdivisions that we all find out about after it’s too late,” Jan Katzenberger from the Baker Street Community Group tells My Ballard. The group is hoping to get a public hearing with the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections (SDCI) to voice their concerns.

The proposed lot is at the corner of NW 60th St. and 20th Ave NW

The subdivision in question is at 2002 NW 60th St, and would allow 20 dwellings on a space that currently holds three homes, including the historic Baker House, built in 1890, Katzenberger tells us. According to SDCI, the construction would include 14 rowhouses, five townhouses, and the relocation of one existing single family residence.

“We accept density, but 20 units is excessive and creates a slippery slope for other lots.”

Rather than further urbanizing Ballard, Katzenberger says more family homes are needed. “What we need is affordable family housing, which encourages families with kids to put down roots and invest in the neighborhood.”

Katzenberger says the group needs 50 requests to get a public hearing; contact to make a submission (click here to follow recommended guidelines/talking points).

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Janette A. King
Janette A. King

I. Please add your voice (more are good) to the below making your own comments on this on-going problem. Due: 12/13/17, E-Mail Contact: Project 3029625, Michael Gushard, 31st Floor 1737 NW 61st Street, 98107, Lowrise-1 Airport Height District, Urban Village Overlay Department of Construction and Inspections should not allow a subdivision of this property into two lots so the contractor can build four units instead of the allotted three by code for the size of most lots in Ballard. This means more traffic and less street parking even if each unit has parking it is usually difficult to use. I understand that the builder plans to take out a stately evergreen that is possibly eighty to 100 feet tall and has graced this neighborhood for probably a century. It should be saved not removed. There is also a rhododendron bush that is several stories high that could to be saved instead of removed Keeping a livable city for all is important. II. Another Important Item – Reminder Proposed Zoning Changes in Ballard December 13, 2017, Wednesday, 6:00-7:30 PM, Ballard Branch Library 5614 22nd Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107 Architect D. M. Moehring pointed out that the area shown on… Read more »