Excessive heat warning issued for Seattle

Get ready for an unusually hot week; an excessive heat warning has been issued for Seattle.

The National Weather Service advises that the warning is in effect from 2pm Tuesday to 9pm Friday, with widespread record highs on Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday will likely be the hottest day, with some places seeing temperatures in the triple digits. The NWS says Thursday’s temperatures are forecasted to be up to 105, which is within 5 degrees of the all-time record high. It should back off by Friday, with temperatures still hovering around 80s and 90s.

The Seattle Animal Shelter reminds pet owners to take precautions during the hot weather, recommending that pets should never be left unattended in a vehicle. Other tips from the shelter include the following:

  • Never leave your animal tethered or kenneled in direct sunlight. Provide a shady area for retreat, such as a dog house, porch or shady tree, and always provide access to plenty of cool water.
  • If you leave animals indoors, open the screened windows, keep a fan running, provide plenty of water and, if possible, leave them in a cool location like a basement.         
  • If you must travel with your pet, carry water. If a trip requires you leave your pet in the car at any point, think about saving that for another day. It’s not worth the risk.
  • Avoid overexerting your animal in hot weather. Pavement can get especially hot, and obesity, old age, underlying disease and previous bouts of heat stroke can predispose an animal to the condition. If you are concerned, contact your veterinarian.
  • For birds, take caution and place the bird’s cage away from direct sunlight during the intense heat of the afternoon. Provide water and fruits and vegetables with high moisture content.
  • For rabbits and other small mammals, be sure to keep them cool. Avoid direct sunlight, and consider adding ice cubes to their water or giving them a frozen water bottle to snuggle up to.

If you see an animal that may be in need of assistance, or if you have questions, contact the Seattle Animal Shelter at 206-386-PETS (7387).

Photo: Golden Gardens Beach, courtesy of Seattle.gov


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