First ever Ballard Burrito Fest on Saturday

Ballard’s first Burrito Festival is tomorrow (Saturday, August 19), descending on Ballard Commons Park with food trucks, burrito contests, a beer garden, and family-friendly activities.

Organized by Seattle nonprofit The World is Fun, the Burrito Fest is not only to celebrate burritos, but also to draw awareness to food insecurity. TWIF executive director Amy Faulkner says the idea behind it was, “driven by wanting to get the message out that food insecurity is a serious issue in Seattle with 14.6% of Seattle’s population being food insecure.”

“We find burritos to be the ultimate food in fighting hunger, malnutrition, and food insecurity because they’re simple, easy to make, and are a great balance of food groups,” Faulkner told My Ballard. “Plus, they cater to all types of eaters – vegetarians, vegans, dairy-free, gluten-free, etc. because you can fill them with anything and/or everything.”

The festival will run from 11am to 6pm; visit their Facebook event page for more info.

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