Another rabid bat found – this time in Ballard

On August 22, a rabid bat was found at the  intersection of NW 73rd and 8th Ave NW in Ballard. This is the second rabid bat found in the area this week; another was found in Green Lake on August 17.

King County’s Public Health Insider recommends that if you had any contact with a bat at this intersection on Tuesday or Wednesday, contact Public Health (206-296-4774) immediately for information on preventative treatment.

From King County Public Health:

A rabid bat was found on the sidewalk intersection of NW 73rd and 8th Ave NW in the Seattle neighborhood of Ballard. The bat was noticed by a pedestrian on Tuesday afternoon, August 22. The pedestrian immediately notified Animal Control. The bat appeared sick and subsequently died prior to the arrival of Animal Control. The bat tested positive for rabies at the Washington State Public Health Laboratory on August 24.

If you find a bat:

  • If you find a bat inside your house, call Public Health at 206-296-4774 to discuss the situation and to determine whether the bat needs to be tested for rabies. Public Health tests bats for rabies free of charge under certain circumstances.
  • If the bat is alive, do not let it go! Knock it to the floor with a broom or other object, and cover it with a wastebasket or other container
  • Scoop it into a box or plastic storage container with a secure lid without touching it or wear heavy leather gloves to pick it up and put it in the box.
  • Use a shovel or gloves to put a dead bat in a box for testing. Do not throw it away!

Rabies can be life-threatening, but is preventable if treated before symptoms appear. Read for more details, read this media release and a Public Health Insider Q&A on bats and health.

Photo from Public Health Insider

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