Majestic Bay Theatre to screen ‘Coraline’ for BHS film program fundraiser

On Saturday, Oct. 28, Majestic Bay Theatre will host a fundraiser for Ballard High School’s award-winning film program. They’ll screen the movie Coraline at 9:30am, with all proceeds going to benefit the Digital Filmmaking Program at BHS.

Still from the BHS-made trailer “A Trip to the Groovies”

If you’ve seen a film at the Majestic Bay, you might remember seeing A Trip to the Groovies, the policy trailer that plays before the feature film. The trailer was made by BHS students to replace A Trip to the Movies, which informed the audience of theater rules and etiquette. The old trailer was a mock instructional film set in the 60s, following two kids, Russ and Ellen, as they watch a movie. According to Matt Lawrence from BHS, when Majestic Bay went digital in 2014, they needed a new policy trailer in a digital format, and invited the BHS film students to make one. “After considering various ideas, Ballard’s filmmakers decided to follow Russ and Ellen to the movies again – this time in 1977.  The challenging concept required period vehicles, costumes, hair, make-up, and actors who might possibly be the original Russ and Ellen – 17 years later.”

Lawrence tells My Ballard that the owners were so pleased with the new trailer that they made a donation to the program and pledge to host an annual fundraiser for the program. The Coraline screening is the third annual fundraiser at Majestic Bay for the program.

To see other BHS films, visit their Vimeo page.


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