Welcome to My Ballard’s new design

Welcome to the all-new My Ballard. It’s been 10 years since we launched, and we’re a little embarrassed to admit the site was so old, things were breaking all over the place. Our apologies.

So we’ve upgraded with a clean, fast design. You’ll notice that the comments now work, and we’ve added an events calendar where you can submit your own events.

We’re still tweaking and updating a few other things, so thank you for your patience!

6 comments on “Welcome to My Ballard’s new design”

  1. That… will take some work. We just updated the breweries page, now linked in the navigation. We’ll take a look at the restaurants and pubs next.

  2. Hi. I hope the Ballard street cams will be coming back soon! We used to live in Ballard until 1988 and miss it.

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