Comcast upgrading North Seattle network

There have been a lot of Comcast/Xfinity trucks working around the Ballard area lately, so we reached out to Comcast to ask about it.

“We are upgrading the network in North Seattle and it will lead to faster internet speeds, greater reliability of the system, and the ability for us to innovate with even more service enhancements,” Comcast’s Linda Farmer told us.

She shared this link that details where crews are expected to work in the next few days. This week, they’re in the Bitter Lake area.

Comcast has been sending letters and leaving door hangers at homes that will be impacted. During the upgrade work, Internet, TV and voice services will be interrupted.

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  1. I live off 143rd and Linden and the Comcast trucks have been here since 7 a.m. in both Comcast TV cable and Comcast internet are totally off in my neighborhood as of 7 a.m. supposed to be on at 4 p.m. we’ll see.😞

  2. @Stanley Looks like you’re right in the middle of the planned work area for today:

    Tuesday: Areas around N. 145th Street N and N. 143rd Street from around Linden Avenue N to east of Lenora Place N plus some areas south of N. 143rd along Aurora Avenue N and Midvale Avenue N toward N 140th Street.

  3. For the folks in that area, keep an eye on your internet speeds after they finish. My speeds went from the 100 Mbps I was paying for to 1-10 Mbps after. Apparently the equipment between the fiber they installed and my home was incompatible.

    If you are still slow a day or two after restore, call and schedule a line check.

  4. So sorry for service issues as a result of the upgrade. Let’s get it taken care of. Pls tweet @ComcastCares or email me directly with your account info and I’ll get this escalated with our local care team. –Linda Farmer, Comcast WA Communications,

  5. We have been frustrated with Comcast in the past because the thing they seemed to do best was to punctually increase their prices at least 3 times the rate of inflation at every opportunity. But we had no issues at all with the upgrade. They did leave lots of hardware bits and pieces we had to clean up. I am concerned what they will do with this Net Neutrality giveaway the special interest-serving government has just served them.

  6. Scott, I hear you! Price increases are always tough to swallow. I’m fairly new to Comcast and was surprised to discover that our increases are driven in large part by the increases we receive from some of the programmers we carry on our cable network such as sports channels. See this related blog post on Comcast’s relationship with programmers: Glad to hear you didn’t have issues with the upgrade–I will, however, pass along the clean-up issue. I’ll make sure that gets attention. And, finally, everyone’s favorite topic, net neutrality. As a Comcast employee, I’ve been pleased to see that the message given internally is just as strong as the one we’re giving externally. We have not been nor will we now throttle or block content or discriminate against lawful content. –Linda Farmer, APR Communications Manager with Comcast

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