Firefighters respond to smoke in vacant building

Updated: Firefighters responded to 8509 14th Ave. NW just before noon for “light smoke” in a vacant building. This is across the street from Bob Johnson pharmacy.

The address points to this vacant house (above), according to Google Maps. It’s right off 85th St., next to a condo complex.

This makes the third fire by our count in a vacant structure in the Ballard area in the last month. On Dec. 12th, firefighters battled a fire in an abandoned building a few blocks away on 15th Ave. at 80th St. And on Nov. 26th, a vacant home burned on 63rd St. near 15th Ave.

We’ll update as we learn more.

10 comments on “Firefighters respond to smoke in vacant building”

  1. Could it be that our cuddly squatter neighbors are taking the Talking Heads literally and burnin’ down the house(s)??? Watch out!

  2. Ms. McCormick, you do realize a properly run shelter is not a delapidated building with no working kitchen, staff or other facilities, right?

  3. I live next door in the “condo complex.” The property has been a problem since we all moved in last year. People who have taken up in the home have stolen our power and have used the home to sell/use drugs. I’ve probably made over a dozen calls to police in the last year.

    While yesterday’s incident was relatively minor (although the response was crazy), about a month ago, there was a fire at this same house that didn’t make the news or this blog. A homeless couple tried to make a fire in the fireplace and caught a nearby tree on fire between the house and our building. The couple ran away, but luckily one of our residents was able to call 911 before the fire did a lot of damage to either property.

    We’ve been told by police that the house has been labeled a nuisance property and the owner is starting to get fined. We’ve also been trying to remain in contact with the owner/developer on when they plan to demolish the building but haven’t received an update at this point. We think they have all the permitting they need, so we’ll see.

    Finally, city workers were out this morning to add more wood boards in an effort to keep people out.

  4. @Jed – I’m very sorry you’re having to deal with this. As a former neighbor to a nuisance property, I get it.

    Don’t laugh too hard, but have you reached out to Mike O’Brien’s office? He’s your council member and ought to be your advocate with the city on this sort of thing. I’d be interested to hear what he’d say to you. It’s worth a shot? Also, Teresa Mosqueda was just elected as an at large CM…maybe new blood would take a new approach?

    Good luck.

  5. “Don’t laugh too hard, but have you reached out to Mike O’Brien’s office”

    Thanks for the laugh.

  6. Why do people think it’s the city councilman’s job to help board-up a nuisance property?

    It sounds like the city followed all their protocol and even went above-and-beyond by sending out city-workers to ” add more wood boards in an effort to keep people out.” That’s usually the job of the property owner.

    Maybe call the mayor and ask why it takes so long to get a building permit. That would probably be a smart place to start.

    Calling the police a dozen times in a year because a homeless person is living in an abandoned building sounds like an incredible waste of time and resources. Did you really think after the 11th time that something would come of it?

  7. A little update: not only did the city come and re-board up the house, they spent the last three days hauling 6 or 7 trips of trash and debris from the house. They did a ton of work. Much appreciated. The owner/developer was also out this afternoon and indicated they would be planning to demolish the house in January. They were here today to plan tree removal. Cheers!

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