Brush fire along Shilshole Ave. last night

Firefighters responded to a small brush fire on Shilshole Ave. near 22nd Ave just after 7 last night, and a passerby shot a few seconds of video (click the image to play):

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Firefighters were able to extinguish it quickly.

After a little sleuthing on Google Maps, this is the hedge behind 2116 NW Vernon Pl, which is the old Stimson Mill Office. It’s unclear if the property is currently occupied.

Due to recent fires in abandoned structures — the latest was yesterday — we’ve been following smaller fires a bit closer lately. We have a request into Seattle Fire for the latest in their investigation on the fires in vacant buildings.

4 comments on “Brush fire along Shilshole Ave. last night”

  1. Concerned about the homeless camps set up all over- under bridges on sidewalks and in RV’s along Shilshoe…I am sure they are cold but it puts the rest of us at risk with the inability to walk safely down streets and use our parks….in a ” sweep” they are offered temporary housing, rehab and medical but according to the last one done only a very small percentage took advantage of he help offered- please do not give them money that will be spent od drugs and alcohol- give them food- clothing or gift cards for food….

  2. There was another giant response last Wednesday afternoon at 8509 14th Ave NW. Yet another boarded up place these enabled folks got into, again. I spoke with a city representative there who told me how hard it is trying to keep these people out, that they just keep coming back. If I lived near one of these places I’d check my home owners policy. Nothing $100 MILLION won’t fix. And your property taxes are going up ASAP too. How does that make you all feel?

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