Sewer line work to impact traffic on 3rd Ave.

If you commute along 3rd Ave. through the Greenwood area, the city of Seattle will begin work tomorrow on a sewer line replacement that will impact traffic between 89th and 90th St.

Lanes will be restricted between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays — you’ll see flaggers directing traffic — and Seattle Public Utilities says it will work with nearby residents to provide local access.

The project is expected to take four to seven weeks to complete.

2 comments on “Sewer line work to impact traffic on 3rd Ave.”

  1. 3rd Ave. NW Please use the compass designations. They really help to avoid confusion.

  2. Come on Eileen. (nice)
    Yeah, 3rd Ave “NE” running right through Greenwood is really confusing. lol.

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