Man points gun at driver at 15th and Market

A woman and her daughter were driving through the intersection at 15th and Market on Tuesday night when a man in a ski mask pointed a gun at them, according to a police report.

Police responded just after 9 p.m., but were unable to find the suspect. No one was injured.

The man was on foot walking eastbound in the crosswalk against the light when he “raised his right hand which was holding a pistol and deliberately pointed it” at the victims, the report said.

The woman told police she feared for her life. Her daughter gave police the same account. They told officers the man had a thin build, wore a black ski mask, “did not appear to be a homeless person” and was not carrying any bags or backpacks.

8 comments on “Man points gun at driver at 15th and Market”

  1. Good thing Seattle is focused on “manspreading” on city buses (never mind the obese with dogs, though), soda pop taxes, “being inclusive” and starting witch hunts over ass grabbing and politically incorrect jokes. I’m sure we can figure out a way to blame Trump or the NRA for this likely lunatic tweaker or “Belltown Community Member” suspect.

    Think it might be time to round up all the narco-campers and start actually doing police foot patrols in our precious precious neighborhoods? Don’t forget to have some rainbow photo ops with the City Council!

  2. @Access: Considering the NRA fights any bills that would limit or ban gun sales to mentally ill individuals, then yeah, depending on the circumstances of this individual obtaining the gun, I think the NRA can shoulder a little of the blame in this and most other instances of a mentally ill individual committing a crime with a gun.

    Also, how do you propose paying for the extremely temporary solution that would be the police rounding up illegal campers? How do you maintain it?

    Keep trolling buddy!

  3. “did not appear to be a homeless person”

    No. He was their dealer probably.

  4. @Truth
    “Broken Window” and anti panhandling policies in NYC are ( I mean were – since they have regressed a bit under De Blasio) the reason West Coast hipsters can march around in pink hats during their obligatory 3 year residence in New Brooklyn without being assaulted. We could have nice things here: safe transit, legal weed, safe streets at night, clean parks and greenbelts, but progressives would rather sacrifice all that on the altar of “tolerance” – which is just code for virtue signalling at your neighbor’s expense. Yes, ban urban camping. Yes, prosecute these crimes as attempted murder, not “assault” etc. The blame for our crime problem falls squarely in the lap of the City Prosecutor and the rotating clown parade at City Hall.

    I love how progressives can’t shut up about “agency”, yet the any time a violent act is committed with a weapon, the perp’s actions are treated as though they were pre-determined by the existence of firearms. If you hold people, especially the poor, to such low standards of behavior how can you sleep at night driving these same freaks to polling sites and have such pride when they vote, in typical fashion, for the candidates you endorse?


  5. So because of a few nut jobs in the progressive crowd, you label all progressives as bad? Using that type of Breitbart logic, all you conservatives are un-American Nazis who will stop at nothing until the country is a plutocratic dystopia where the rich elite rule over the masses (I really wish this was a joke). Seriously dude, get a clue or seek mental help, you clearly need it.

    “Yes, prosecute these crimes as attempted murder, not ‘assault’ etc.” So instead of providing mental help, which this guy clearly needs, we throw him in jail at a cost of $50,000/yr? How does that solve anything? I’m much more concerned about the drivers who are willing to blow a stop sign and kill me as a pedestrian, to get to the next stop sign or red light. Charge them with attempted murder.

    “Yes, ban urban camping.” Last I checked, it is banned. However, to use your wacky logic, I’m sure the City will be more than happy to take your donation for their fund to dislodge illegal campers. I’m perfectly happy with my taxes going to better uses.

  6. I’m going to argue using your bad logic, launch right into adhoms, add a Godwin, and then project mental illness on you.

    Oh wait that was you.

    You’re more worried about holding someone else responsible for your inability to cross the street safely than junkies camping among you? I wish we could charge you as an accessory to all the theft going on and needles and trash being left everywhere.

    Last you checked? So never? The city admits they allow people to camp in open spaces.

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