What could light rail look like in Ballard?

With Sound Transit’s expansion plans for Ballard and West Seattle gaining steam, one reader of the West Seattle Blog whipped up some UNOFFICIAL renderings of what elevated light rail could look like in that neighborhood. Since there are parallels with Ballard, we thought we’d share one here:

The caveats are many: the routes aren’t finalized, the dimensions may be off, this is just one person’s interpretation… but it provides a little perspective on what’s likely coming our way. The photo above seems similar to the 15th and Market corner; you can see the elevated station in the distance between the buildings (there are more renderings on the West Seattle Blog).

While the West Seattle route slices through the center of the neighborhood, Ballard’s elevated route will run from Lower Queen Anne along Elliott and 15th Ave. through Interbay — across a new movable bridge — and into Ballard at 15th and Market St.

If you’d like to have a say in all of this, now’s the time. Sound Transit is looking for Ballard volunteers to join its advisory board for the project.

Since the project is in very early stages, there are no official drawings.

(Thanks to West Seattle Blog and “Avalon Tom,” who gave us permission to post it.)

5 comments on “What could light rail look like in Ballard?”

  1. Agreed! Elevated light rail, just a friendlier term for monorail… Too bad no one had the idea a decade or so ago, so much time wasted…

  2. @Guesty You take your car, I’ll take the train, let’s see who’s first to get feet on the ground downtown.

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