Fire in vacant house on 6th Ave.

A large response of firefighters responded to 4323 6th Av NW just before 8:30 p.m.

When they arrived, they said over the scanner that the house looks like it’s vacant. The blaze appears to be limited to the living room. An investigator was called to the the scene.

If the house is vacant, it would be the 6th fire since November in an abandoned building in the Ballard area. We’ll update as we learn more.

(Thank you Silver for the updates in the My Ballard Facebook group).

7 comments on “Fire in vacant house on 6th Ave.”

  1. It’s compassionate to support squatters, regardless of whether their burning down house burns down yours.

  2. Why looky here, yet another fire. Man, that Trump guy sure gets around fast. Trivialization has taken place long ago, so I just wanted to pile on here! “Compassion”, yet another word totally destroyed by the liberals. Today it merely means “spending your neighbors $$”. I really would like to know what the “tipping point” will be here? Birds NEVER poop in their own nests, NEVER.

  3. Scott definitely needs intervention. That kind of word salad is an indicator of a larger issue underneath.

  4. thanks to our local bums for keeping everyone on their toes! you never know what sort of dangerous, drugged out, whacky stuff may happen next! sometimes even violence! thanks smilin’ mike obrien!

  5. you know its bad when these losers dont care enough to not catch their squat on fire. I feel so sorry for them.

  6. @stan

    Exactly. If they burn down their squat they really must be ready for a regular home.

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