North Seattle schools to gain from new budget

The state legislature has passed a new capital budget, and about $20 million of it is headed to Seattle schools — mostly to schools here in North Seattle.

The money is earmarked to “relieve some of the most critical capacity and safety needs created by a decade of extraordinary enrollment growth,” the district said in a press release. “North Seattle schools are experiencing some of the worst overcrowding.”

Of the funding, $6.7 million will go toward adding 10 classrooms to West Woodlands Elementary School. The next biggest chunk, $6.6 million will complement the $30.4 million in local funding to reopen Magnolia Elementary, a historic landmark that has been closed since 2007. Another $1.9 million will complement $39.2 million in local funding for the ongoing expansion of Loyal Heights Elementary (pictured above from the construction webcam).

“I’m particularly pleased by the historic level of funding devoted to invaluable school construction projects, such as the reopening of Magnolia Elementary in 2019, that will build a better Washington for our children and continue to make the 36th Legislative District a great place to live and work,” said Sen. Reuven Carlyle, who represents the Northwest Seattle area.

Gov. Jay Inslee is expected to sign the budget measure.

6 comments on “North Seattle schools to gain from new budget”

  1. Wow, will the social justice warriors let them spend money north of the Ship Canal?

    Expect kayaking Mike O’Brien to stop this!

  2. Will this increase the chances of having gluten free vegan options at the school?

  3. Now let me tell you. In my day, we would eat entire cans of gluten, even going as far as to lick the edges of the can of that delicious gluten substance from the bottom of our gluten rations! You millennials think you can solve everything by getting rid of gluten. Let me tell you, “Megan the Vegan” (if “the vegan” is even part of your real name) gluten is what is keeping kids off the crack cocaine and heroin in this world, and if you don’t like it then you can LEAVE! Also, ban mandatory vaccines as they are a brainwashing tool to turn our beautiful grandchildren into liberal VEGANS like this one. God bless.

  4. Hmmm, it seems to me we still will have the same teachers, the same unions and politicians running it all, and yet will we expect better/different results? LOL. Sure, having new digs is urgent and can make people feel good about being there, but smarter kids are what is needed. Today’s schools are mere indoctrination camps. Well, that, and darn good daycare.

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