Vegan ice cream shop coming to 70th St.

With hot spots Delancey, Essex, Rosellini’s, The Fat Hen and Brunswick & Hunt, this stretch of NW 70th St. in Whittier Heights is accustomed to long lines and challenging parking.

And now a popular vegan ice cream shop, Frankie and Jo’s on Capitol Hill, is getting closer to opening its second location in a small space next to Rosellini’s. We peeked inside the paper-covered windows to see workers busy inside. The official open date is “early” this year.

Founded by Autumn Martin and Kari Brunson, Frankie and Jo’s makes plant-based ice cream that is vegan and gluten free. Flavors include Jamocha Chaga Fudge, Salty Caramel Ash and Carrot Za’atar.

This is the second popular ice cream shop coming to Ballard. Portland’s Salt & Straw is opening next month along Ballard Ave.

12 comments on “Vegan ice cream shop coming to 70th St.”

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  2. That’s great to hear, but just curious, why was Tarasco left off of the ‘hot spot’ list of 70th street? It’s not hipster-trendy like the others, but definitely a magnet for karaoke buffs and people who like a decently priced drink or a Mexican food fix…It was the only eatery/bar from this block that wasn’t mentioned.

  3. @BEN – LOL that made me spit the blue-rare steak out of my mouth.

    And you cannot call it ice cream if it is vegan. Sorry weepy Millennials. NEXT!

  4. I THOUGHT I knew that name! I got one of my favorite “pasta” recipes from Kari Brunson in, maybe, the Sunday paper years ago? I think her blog was called “Anciciplate”. Glad to hear she’s suceeding at what she wanted to do.

  5. It makes my morning to see Megan the Vegan drive the MyBallard hand-wringers completely bonkers with such short, concise, clearly-meaning-to-troll, comments.

    Keep up the good work, and may your organically flavored, gluten free, shade grown, fair trade, ice-like food product melt ever so slowly, you beautiful commentor, you!

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  7. I heard that a butcher is opening next door to this place. (For reals, I’m not trolling.) Does anyone have any information on that? Thanks!

  8. Actually, I’ve heard that the butcher was not moving in, but instead they are building an apartment complex with no parking.

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