Pet killed by coyote on Sunset Hill

We’ve seen a rash of new coyote sightings over the last few days, and one Sunset Hill neighbor says she discovered the remains of either a cat or a small dog in her front yard.

“There was a coyote seen on our block a few days ago,” Amy told us in an email. She said she lives near NW 80th St. and 30th Ave. NW, and the remains were “surrounded by tufts of white fur and blood.” (She sent us some photos, but we’ll spare you the graphic details. This photo shows the coyote’s tracks in her front yard.)

Over in the My Ballard Facebook group, Neighbors near the Loyal Heights Playfield also reported seeing a coyote in the area a few mornings ago. It was on NW 75th St. between 19th and 20th.

Coyotes are known to attack and eat small animals for food, and cats are particularly vulnerable. “People with small dogs and cats may want to be extra careful,” Amy said.

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  2. Coyotes are no joke, I had to chase one off that was planning on having my cat Fluffums for dinner. I’d chase it off then she’d be right back within minutes. She even circled the block and tried sneaking up from behind. From then on the pet door stayed locked at nighttime. This was 77/28th.

  3. Bird Slowly Killed by Pet Cat on Sunset Hill

    Happens pretty much every day yet doesn’t seem to make the news. If you are ok with your pet running around killing wild animals than you should accept the same can happen to your pet.

    However about a 1,000% higher chance your “free range” pet will be flattened by a car than ripped apart by a coyote or hobo in Ballard Commons. But yeah lets freak out about a native animal that inhabited this area hundreds of years before people and their non-native pets arrived.

  4. Cats chase birds and mice
    Dogs chase cats
    Coyotes chase small dogs
    Progressives chase taxpayers

  5. Omg enough with the coyote hatred, My Ballard. Seriously we have much bigger problems in our community.

  6. The chickens coups bring the rats and coyotes !! Blue Ridge has strict CCR’s not allowing chickens for this reason.

  7. Don’t cry or post anything when a coyote takes a pet from u, or if they attach a small child. Like u said native land b.s. hipsters yuppies aren’t native but there’s a boat full of these creatures. If they come on my property they get a prise,since they don’t pay my taxes im defending my territory.

  8. please address the human/pet/wildlife interface intelligently.
    this really is possible.
    may all beings be happy and safe from harm…

  9. Somehow I doubt the blue ridge covenants have anything to do with coyotes.

    There’s rats all over Seattle whether a chicken coop is around. In fact my chickens eat rats

  10. @Amy
    “Don’t cry or post anything when a coyote takes a pet from u, or if they attach a small child.”

    What would they attach a small child to? Are you thinking like Wile E Coyote attaching himself to ACME produced rockets to catch the Roadrunner?

  11. Worrying about dog bites/attacks makes sense; worrying about coyotes doesn’t make much sense.
    Dog bites – how big is the problem? According to the CDC:
    – About 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year.
    – Almost one in five of those who are bitten, a total of 885,000, require medical attention for dog bite-related injuries.
    – In 2006, more than 31,000 people underwent reconstructive surgery because of dog bites.
    Coyote attacks? According to one study (Coyote Attacks on Humans in the United States and Canada, White & Gehrt, 2009), there were 142 coyote “attacks” resulting in 159 victims bitten over a period of 46 years, 1960-2006. That’s about 3 per year. More good information can be found here-
    You should be much more worried about being struck by lightning than being attacked by a coyote. In the U.S. there are annually an estimated 360 injuries and 40 lightning fatalities ( Compare that to 3 coyote attacks per year and then to 4.5 million annual dog bites causing 30,000+ people to need surgery.
    Life is short. Worry about dogs, then lightning, then coyotes.

  12. Today I had a barking fit in the grocery store because I was alarmed by an elderly shopper’s. sudden movement. My parent (owner) – a trust fund hipster from Silver Lake with a shaved head like Eleven from Stranger Things – pulled at my leash harness and was barely able to keep me from snapping at a cashier.

    Coyotes and legal firearms owners are the worst!

  13. Hey Circle,
    You forgot something:
    “Wall Street chases YOU”
    raising your gas and housing prices, scarfing up your retirement savings, demanding government protection with your taxes……while you worry about progressives.

  14. @DistractionWorks!
    My 401k and retirement is worthless if my house gets ripped off or I’m hurt or killed by “Obama’s Sons”, “O’Brien’s Nephews” or “Sawant’s Junkie Snowflakes”. Tell Michael Moore to hit the gym.

  15. @ Circle: thanks for neutering Distraction. People like them have drank all the Kool-aid and are now drunk on ignorance. It’s Like Obama never existed. Perhaps “banning” coyotes will make some here happy. Works well for so many things. Only thing new here today are all the new people here who’ve just figured this out.

  16. Coyotes stalk and attack not only pets, but people, children on a national basis-there are daily media reports on pet attacks and a human is reported attacked weekly on average. Do not believe that coyotes do not attack humans. Urban coyotes have become progressively more aggressive and dangerous. They need to be removed and kept removed. “Co-existence” is an idiotic animal rights policy that has led to the coyote overpopulation situation we have now. They are not fuzzy pets, they are dangerous carnivorous predators. Further on the East Coast, there has been a serious uptick in the incidence of rabies in the coyote population.

  17. @Cee Aware
    “Coyotes stalk and attack not only pets, but people, children on a national basis-there are daily media reports on pet attacks and a human is reported attacked weekly on average.”

    Now replace “coyotes” with “junkie hobos” and “fatherless criminals” and we start to see the idiocy of the City Council’s touchy-feely views on just about everything.

  18. I love the coyotes. They sound wonderful at night, and sooo majestic.
    Your pets, not so much.

  19. Urban coyotes have become more aggressive because “WE HUMANS” are taking away their natural habitats with all the building on their homes.

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