Frankie & Jo’s opening on Friday

Capitol Hill’s popular vegan ice cream shop Frankie & Jo’s is opening its Ballard location this Friday, March 2nd, just in time for spring.

The small shop is located right next door to Rosellini’s along NW 70th St. near 14th Ave., joining other Ballard hot spots Delancey, Essex, Rosellini’s and Brunswick & Hunt.

“Frankie & Jo’s Ballard is on one of our favorite streets in the city! It is also the street where owners Kari Brunson and Autumn Martin first met,” their website explains. “This shop will have all of your favorite flavors from Capitol Hill, a secret succulent garden and lots more pints to take to go.”

Autumn is the founder of another Ballard establishment, Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery on Ballard Ave., which happens to be across the street from the new ice cream shop, Salt & Straw.

Frankie & Jo’s makes everything from scratch (this old Kickstarter video is a great introduction), and unlike other ice cream shops, their small-batch, plant-based ice cream does not contain milk, egg or gum stabilizers. They use gluten-free, vegan ingredients like chewy brownie chunks, tahini fudge, fluffy cakes with ganache, shortbread cookies and activated charcoal caramel.

Flavors include Salty Caramel Ash, Brown Sugar Vanilla, Jamoca Chaga Fudge, Chocolate Date and Beet Strawberry Rose sorbet, to name a few.

The waffle cones are made from scratch using maple syrup, oat flour and brown sugar.

It’s interesting to note this narrow stretch of 70th St. has become a foodie destination, especially with the addition of Frankie & Jo’s — which often attracts lines in Capitol Hill.

Starting Friday, Frankie & Jo’s will be open 7 days a week from noon-11 p.m.

13 comments on “Frankie & Jo’s opening on Friday”

  1. Why do I have the feeling that the six comment above me are the same tiny handed, angry little man, who claims that he owns and operates a business, yet gripes about the silliest thing on a neighborhood blog 24/7? Just a hunch…

  2. The Ballard Soy Boys will be lined up around the block. Their girlfriends will order them.

  3. Bring your unruly dog babies. Woof!
    Hey Truth, I’ll buy you a scoop of Hobo Crunch on a gluten free waffle cone.

  4. @Sockpuppet: Actually, I’d like to apply to your alleged business. I could bring a lot to your 24/7 pity party!

  5. @Truth
    Currently we don’t have any positions open that require your expertise, however, you may try the City of Seattle. After all, they tend to hire based on criteria such superficial physical traits and the amount of virtue signalling coded into your resume. Try Sawant’s office or the SDoT.

  6. @Sockpuppet: True, plus my hands are probably too big to work at The Ballard Griping Co :/

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