Man assaulted near Ballard library, bike stolen

A man was walking his bicycle at NW 57th St. and 22nd Ave. NW just after midnight early this morning when a man and two women began talking with him.

Police say the man hit the cyclist over the head with a pipe. The victim responded by pepper-spraying the suspect and calling 911. Police arrested the suspect, but officers were unable to find the bike.

Investigators believe the two women who were with the suspect stole the bike, a brown Kona 38-speed. The victim described them as a Hispanic woman, 5′ 5″, weighing 350 pounds and a Caucasian woman wearing pajamas, police said.

Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail for investigation of robbery.

13 comments on “Man assaulted near Ballard library, bike stolen”

  1. Anybody wanna bet dinner at a buffet restaurant that Sawant sues the City for excessive force on behalf of the portly attacker?

  2. I love watching the junkie hobos riding expensive stolen bikes in the wrong gear in their raggedy jeans on the sidewalk while the hipster yuppies pretend to not notice. B

    allard Library Hobo Zoo for the win! Can’t wait for the Hobo Assistance Center to open up. Nice work, Seattle!

  3. “How fast can a 350 pound woman run?”

    Shame on you for fat-shaming a vulnerable member of our community and a PoC!

  4. @Woke William
    Makes you wonder what she’d do for a box of overpriced hipster cupcakes…

  5. “Officers booked the suspect into King County Jail for investigation of robbery.”

    Really SPD? Pretty sure if an officer was attacked with a bat or a pipe they could justify lethal force for self defense because blunt objects to the head cause severe injury or death.

    Press charges for attempted murder for these kinds of crime! Pathetic and shameful.

  6. If the 350lb bike-stealing lady was wearing spandex, she should get jail time just for that.

    Remember people, spandex and yoga pants are a privilege, not a right.

  7. thanks st lukes! thanks “rest stop”! yay, so nice to the violent scumbags! its nice to be nice!

  8. Who let the socks out?

    “38 speed bike.” LOL. OK. They’ll be looking a long time for that one.

  9. If the man was hit in the head with a metal pipe and the perp is not charged with assault with a deadly weapon, or attempted murder, the prosecutor needs to be tarred and feathered. No wonder these people commit more and more brazen crimes. What a travesty if the story is complete and true.

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