Fred Meyer raises age to buy a gun to 21

Joining Dick’s Sporting Goods and Walmart, Kroger-owned Fred Meyer is raising the minimum age to buy a gun in its stores to 21.

The company said it had already stopped selling assault-style weapons several years ago (except in its Alaska store, which will now stop selling them.)

Kroger said “recent events demonstrate the need for additional action.”

Fred Meyer has stores in both Ballard and Greenwood.

23 comments on “Fred Meyer raises age to buy a gun to 21”

  1. Fred Meyer also has a store in Lake City, and none of the three Seattle stores sell guns at all.

  2. @BEN is a well known troll. All Seattle locations sell ammunition and firearms and there is no Fred Meyer in Lake City.

  3. Although there isn’t a Fred Meyer in Lake City (anymore) they do sell firearms and ammunition at the Bartell’s on Lake City Way.

  4. I talked to the manager of the Bartell’s today after some of these stories came out. She told me they rarely keep these items in stock, they could special order any of my usual purchases.

    The convenience of just being able to get it at Fred Meyer (and not make a special trip) is annoying, but I guess these are the times we live in.

  5. Yes, I support the gun policy change but how about *literally* cleaning up your own backyard, Freddy’s?
    Fred Meyer should keep the thieves out of their parking lots and prevent camping on edge property.
    The Ballard location is unfortunately a hot spot for fleeing felons, sex offenders, and assorted other human garbage.

    Maybe corporate could pay a little more to managers and hire extra security for their urban mega-stores, which are essentially as dense with human activity as yesterday’s shopping malls.

  6. Glad Freddy’s is making the change. How about Big 5? I wish they didn’t sell firearms or ammunition at all in Ballard, but raising the minimum age would be a good start.

  7. @Fuzzy is a well known troll. He’s trying to get to lure people to a store that does not exist. Do not be fooled!

  8. @Truth
    I never see any refutation or counter arguments, just limp insults.
    Pro Tip: please keep your eyes to yourself when using the urinal at Freddy’s, thanks

  9. @Sockpuppet: You had nothing to counter. You spent half the comments trying to convince someone there wasn’t a Fred Meyer in Lake City. And sorry snowflake, but there’s not much to look at in your urinal anyways.


  10. @Truth
    You have me confused with other commenters but I imagine the cat dander is probably at critical levels are your residence. I never get enough of the “tiny hands/genitals” inferences! Clever. Greener grad?

    Fred Meyer needs more security, inside and outside. Not sure what your point is.

  11. I’m such a snowflake, the people at Fred Meyer scare me. Sounds like a soy boy.

  12. I think if you can drive a car at 16 and jeopardize your life and others then you should also be able to buy a gun at 16.

  13. @Sockpuppet: Wow, you’re so far gone that you think that all these personalities are actually different people. Get help man.

  14. There is a Fred Meyer near 185th and Aurora Ave north too. Oh my! Fun clicking on all those recaptcha photos.

  15. Yet to drive a car (at any age) you must pass a written and road test and maintain insurance. Should be the same, at least, for firearms.

  16. Raise the age for driving to 21. Repeal the second amendment. Problems solved. You’re welcome.

  17. If you want to reduce traffic, what you need is a speed MINIMUM. No one goes below 30 or they get pulled over.

  18. WTF??????? How tf is someone supposed to pull over if they can’t go under 30? Does the cop have to pass their ticket through the air while speeding past? Get your head out of your ass and think your position through before commenting here again. Else I’m going to have you banned. Permanently.

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