Gemenskap Park still on schedule

Construction work to build a new park along 14th Ave. NW between 59th and 61st is running on schedule, according to Seattle Parks.

Gemenskap Park is going in on the east side of 14th Ave., shifting both lanes to the west and removing the middle parking area. The park will feature a green space, rain gardens and wider sidewalks (as you can see above along the right.)

When we checked this week, Seattle Parks confirmed that workers are still on track to complete the project in “late spring.” In the meantime, 14th Ave. remains closed to traffic.

By the way, Gemenskap is the Swedish word for “community,” and it’s pronounced Yuh-MEN-skawp. We’re still practicing.

8 comments on “Gemenskap Park still on schedule”

  1. Just curious how Geeky Swedes suddenly started enforcing civility in the comment section, but let’s this guy keep flaming everyone.

  2. @Truth
    I’m surprised you’re not more upset that this park is being named with a Swedish word – which is a horribly racist, exclusionary form of white supremacist colonialism.

  3. please enforce all laws at this “park” when its finished. that’d be great.

  4. I see our favorite, resident sockpuppet is using my good name to have a mentally deranged, imaginary argument with himself! Kudos to you!

  5. Truth (whichever one is “you” – schizo much?) don’t worry there’s still time to pack this park-to-be with tents and felons, then push for a tax increase. Durkan-istan is here!

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